Videos: Cardio Yoga Moves That Break a Sweat

This short workout will have your heart rate up in no time.

Who says you can’t break a sweat practicing yoga? The following moves incorporate short bursts of cardio to get the heart rate up and keep you working hard.

If you’ve taken a power yoga or heated yoga class, some of these moves may look familiar. The routine is not timed—instead, it links the breath with fluid motions—but it should take somewhere between 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Breathe deeply and use the breath to keep your mind focused on the task at hand: putting your all into each pose.

Down-dog to plank

Hold downward-facing dog for five breaths. Next, start the cardio motion by rocking out to plank on an inhale. On an exhale, press back to downward-facing dog, using your low belly to lift, five times. This is one set; do three sets. 

Three-legged dog to mountain climbers

Start in downward-facing dog with the right leg lifted; this is your three-legged dog. Inhale here, and then exhale as you rock forward to plank and bring your right knee into your chest. Hover the knee off the mat. Inhale, and reach the right leg back up to three-legged dog. Exhale, bringing the knee into the chest as you rock to plank. Do this five times, then do 20 mountain climbers. Repeat everything on the left side. This is one set; do three sets.

Chair to chair rocks

Begin in chair pose at the top of your mat. Take five deep breaths. Next, inhale and rock onto your back, then exhale to come back up to standing chair pose. Do five rock-and-rolls. This is one set. Start over by holding chair pose for five breaths, then complete five more rock-and-rolls. Complete three sets.

Boat to extension

Come into boat pose, balancing on your tailbone with shins and arms parallel to the floor, palms facing up. Create a “V” shape with your torso and quadriceps. Hold boat pose for five breaths. On an inhale, extend the legs straight to hover over the floor. At the same time, lower the torso so that the back hovers off the floor. On an exhale, use your core strength to return to starting position. Do five extensions total. Repeat the entire sequence three times, holding for five breaths and then extending five times.

Bridge to hip pulses

Lay on your back with feet planted and knees up. Lift your hips up to bridge pose and hold. Take five deep breaths. Next, flex the glutes and pulse the hips up—just an inch or two—20 times. Repeat from bridge pose three times total.

To end your practice, take a seated forward fold and supine twists.