Waltham Clinic To Launch Eating Disorder Program for Athletes

Walden Behavioral Care's Goals program will focus on issues specific to athletes.


Scale photo via Shutterstock

Waltham’s Walden Behavioral Care is offering what it says is Massachusetts’ first eating disorder program for athletes.

Athletes, especially those who compete in sports that emphasize weight, are more likely to develop eating disorders than the general population. To put it in perspective, a study of Division I college athletes found that more than a third of the females surveyed were at risk of developing anorexia.

Walden’s program, called Goals, addresses that disparity, while tailoring treatment to the specific needs of athletes. In addition to typical eating disorder treatment, Goals will also address sports nutrition, stress management, and performance issues for high school, college, and adult athletes.

“Competition, pressure to perform, athletic identity, body image concerns, injuries and the need to balance involvement in sports with other aspects of life can increase stress and contribute to the development of eating disorders,” says Waltham Clinic Director Emily Slager in a statement. “Goals will help them deal with these risk factors so they can perform to the best of their ability.”

The program starts in February and will run three nights per week.

Walden Behavioral Care, Suite 2000, 69 Hickory Drive, Waltham, 781-899-2460, waldeneatingdisorders.com.