Instagram Fitness Inspiration from Boston Notables

Eight ways healthy Bostonians rep fitness on social media.

Instagram is useful for many things, from food porn to stalking your friends. And if you know where to look—ahem, Gisele’s account—it’s also a great source of health inspiration. Here are eight ways Boston’s finest encourage us to sweat it out:

1. They make us acutely aware that we are not Brazilian supermodels. 

A photo posted by Gisele Bündchen (@gisele) on

2. They hit the slopes.

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3. They do some hiking (with co-stars.)

4. They put in their gym time.

5. They keep SoulCycle classes going.

6. They hone their golf games.

7. They hit the weight room.

A photo posted by David Ortiz (@davidortiz) on

8. Last but not least, they have some serious muscles.