A Massachusetts Company Is Making the Keurig of Medical Marijuana

CannaKorp's single-serve pot pod system will be available late this year.


The CannaCloud system. Photo provided to bostonmagazine.com

A Massachusetts-based company called CannaKorp is taking the startup stoner stereotype to a new (higher) level.

The company is at work on the industry’s first vaporizer for pre-dosed, single-serve marijuana pods, called CannaCups. If it sounds like the Keurig of pot, well, that’s no accident: The company’s CEO and chief technology officer both worked at the single-serve coffee company before joining CannaKorp, which was founded in the summer of 2014.

The system, called the CannaCloud, is set to be released late this year, and will only be sold in states where marijuana is legal. CannaKorp takes care to emphasize that the pot pods should be used only for medicinal purposes, so don’t get any ideas.

As such, it just inked a deal with 10 licensed cultivators or dispensaries, including New Hampshire’s Temescal Wellness, that will supply the marijuana for the cups using the company’s proprietary automatic filling and sealing machine. In a release, the startup promises that it will source “dozens of strains and varieties” of marijuana for its pods. And you thought deciding between French vanilla and hazelnut coffee was tough.

So is using the product really as easy as making your morning cup of coffee? Pretty much. All a user has to do is load a pod into the CannaCloud, press a button, wait about a minute for the vessel to fill with vapor, and inhale through a connected mouthpiece. Done.

It’s almost too easy to turn the system into a lazy stoner joke–what, is grinding your own pot just too hard?—but CannaKorp is clearly trying to shape the narrative into one focused on safety and efficacy, emphasizing that the system is smoke-free, and that each container holds precisely the correct amount of high-quality medical marijuana.

Getting high has never been so high-tech.