JT Versus JB Yoga Is Coming to the Sinclair

The battle of the Justins will take place February 24.

JT and JB

JB photo via Feature Flash/Shutterstock, JT photo via Eastfjord Productions/Shutterstock

Ladies, pick your Justin.

Yoga Around Town is pitting Timberlake against Bieber in a JT vs. JB Flow class, to be held February 24 at the Sinclair. Expect lots of crooning and swooning as you rock your body through the hour-long vinyasa class, complete with a live DJ spinning an all-Justin playlist. Then, head to the Sinclair Kitchen for food and JT- and JB-themed cocktails. The Drink Me a River, perhaps?

General admission tickets are $25, and include yoga and a 15 percent discount on the Sinclair’s menu. If you love yourself and spring for $32 VIP tickets, you’ll also get better mat placement and a free beer or wine at the after party.

Go ahead and embrace your guilty pleasures—there’s no need to say sorry.

$25 or $32, February 24, 7 p.m. The Sinclair, 52 Church St., Cambridge. Register at yogaaroundtown.com.