10 Healthy (Ish) Margarita Recipes

Swap calorie-laden sugar bombs for cocktails flavored with fruits and veggies.


Margarita photo via Shutterstock

We know: Alcohol is not a health food. Even red wine isn’t proving to be the magical elixir we all hoped it would be. But if you’re planning to imbibe today, at least consider swapping out the sugary, syrup-filled, calorie-laden restaurant versions for one of these better options, made with fresh fruits and veggies.

Cheers to these 10 healthy margarita recipes:

1. Chili Lime Mango Margarita
via Minimalist Baker

This recipe will take you less than 10 minutes to make. Use frozen mango for a cold treat, and skip the sweetener to enjoy the fruit’s natural sugar. A chili powder rim gives it an added kick.

2. Pomegranate Margarita
via Once Upon a Chef

Unsweetened pomegranate juice keeps this margarita recipe simple, and the fruit’s high antioxidant properties are an added bonus.

3. Avocado Margarita
via Cookin Canuck

What can’t an avocado be used for? Desserts, guacamole, and now, margaritas. The healthy-fat-packed fruit lends your marg a smooth and creamy texture.

4. Skinny Cucumber Margarita 
via The Awesome Green

Cucumber, coupled with mint and coconut water, make this a refreshing treat that rings in at only 110 calories.

5. Frozen Strawberry Pineapple Margaritas
via Fresh, Fit & Healthy

Step up your vitamin C intake with the puréed fresh strawberries and pineapple in this tropical cocktail.

6. Green Margarita
via Gimme Some Oven

Get in some vitamin A and iron while drinking a cocktail. Spinach, ginger, and lime are a nice change of pace from your usual sugar bomb margarita.

7. Grapefruit Margarita
via Real Healthy Recipes

Who needs sour mix when you’ve got grapefruit and lime juice? Club soda gives it some unexpected bubbles.

8. Frozen Blueberry Margarita 
via Cookie and Kate

Blueberries are filled with fiber and antioxidants. Enjoy them alongside OJ in this naturally sweetened, frozen margarita.

9. Mean Green Kale Margarita
via Feed Me Phoebe

If you’re a kale lover, get excited. Apple, kale, pear, and cilantro create a margarita combination that rivals the nutrients in your morning smoothie.

10. Watermelon Margarita
via Ari’s Menu

If you gravitate toward more classic margarita flavors, try this recipe. Puréed watermelon is antioxidant-rich and hydrating, and its natural sweetness eliminates the need for sugar.