Ray Allen Is Opening an Organic Fast Food Restaurant in Miami

The healthy fast casual spot is inspired by his son, who has type 1 diabetes.

Ray Allen

Ray Allen photo via AP

Sharpshooting, perpetually sneering former Celtic Ray Allen is about to become a restauranteur.

The Miami Herald reports that Allen and his wife, Shannon, are set to open an organic fast food restaurant in Miami next month. The restaurant, called Grown, will serve up organic salads, soups, sandwiches, entrées, acai bowls, breakfast items, and more. The restaurant also emphasizes sustainability, from the recycled-wood exterior to the rooftop garden for growing vegetables and herbs.

Shannon is host of The Pre-Game Meal on Comcast SportsNet, a gig inspired by years of keeping Ray/Jesus Shuttlesworth well-fed before games, so she’s no stranger to healthy cooking. The duo also had a larger inspiration: their young son’s battle with type 1 diabetes.

“I had an aha moment where I realized I couldn’t sit around helpless waiting for someone else to create a fast-food option that met our family’s dietary needs,” Shannon told the Herald. “As we did our research it became obvious that this wasn’t a struggle unique to us, families everywhere are looking for convenience without compromise.”

There’s no word yet on whether Grown will expand beyond Miami, but Boston, land of always-crowded running paths and unbelievably long Sweetgreen lines, seems like a natural market for its healthy fast casual concept.

Please come home, Ray. We like acai bowls, too.