You Can Still Run the 2016 Boston Marathon

Two bibs are available to qualifying runners who missed the cutoff.

Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon photo by Olga Khvan

If you experienced the heartbreak of qualifying for the Boston Marathon, but missing the -2:28 cutoff imposed by the Boston Athletic Association (BAA), all hope is not lost.

Boston magazine and the BAA are making Boston Marathon bibs available to two runners who hit the qualifying time, but didn’t make the 2:28-faster time necessary for acceptance. To apply, all you need to do is fill out this form by March 9. The two runners with the fastest times, as compared to his or her gender and age group’s qualifying requirement, will get to run the 2016 race; in the event of matching times, seniority will be the tie breaker.

The bibs are fully paid for, but winners will be responsible for any travel and accommodation expenses.

Let’s hope you hadn’t abandoned your training schedule just yet.