Nine Juices and Smoothies That’ll Help Your Hangover

Ditch the breakfast sandwich and try one of these nutrient-rich fixes.

There are two ways to nurse a hangover: The greasy breakfast and hair of the dog route, and the exercise and nutrient-rich foods route.

In your pounding, regret-filled head, the first option is certainly more appealing. But in terms of choices you’ll stand by 12 hours later, healthy hangover cures are the way to go. To help you along that path, we found nine juice and smoothie recipes that may make your rough morning a little more tolerable.

1. Hangover Cure Smoothie
via Self

This recipe comes from a pharmacist, so you know it’s legit. Just close your eyes and pretend you’re not drinking spinach after a night out.

2. Hangover Helper Smoothie
via Daily Burn

This smoothie contains coconut water, which helps you rehydrate; antioxidant-rich blueberries; and energy-boosting bananas.

3. Cacao Banana Recovery Smoothie
via Vegany Attack

Cacao nibs, vanilla, coconut, and dates give this smoothie great flavor and sweetness, without the midday carb crash of a stack of pancakes.

4. Ginger Pear Detox Juice
via Moms Need to Know

If you have a juicer, this is a great option for pre- or post-drinking. Fruits and veggies provide necessary nutrients, while ginger soothes your stomach.

5. Banana Almond Smoothie
via Cookie and Kate

If you’re ravenously hungry after a big night, the flax seeds, almond butter, and banana in this smoothie will fill you up.

6. Avocado Smoothie
via Martha Stewart

Let avocado’s healthy fats take the place of your usual Sunday morning breakfast sandwich. Ginger will also ease any nausea.

7. Apple, Beetroot, and Ginger Juice
via Rawberry Fields

This juice will flood your body with antioxidants and vitamins, thanks to pomegranate, carrot, beetroot, and Pink Lady apples.

8. Chocolate and Peanut Butter Detox Smoothie
via Ciao Veggie

Can’t quite bring yourself to make a green smoothie? No worries. This gentler option is sweet and tasty, but still miles better than the Belgian waffle you’re craving.

9. Hangover Cure Smoothie
via Green Press

Be kind to your future self and make this hangover smoothie the night before. Broccoli, an uncommon smoothie ingredient, is included to provide the detoxing amino acid cysteine.