These Saucony Shoes Honor the Marathon and the Green Line

They celebrate one of Boston's fastest traditions, and one of its slowest.


The Green Line Kinvara 7. All photos provided

Stock up on birthday cards, because the Boston Marathon and the Green Line both turn 120 this year. The Marathon’s looking pretty good for its age, and the Green Line…well, at least it still exists.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, Lexington-based Saucony is rolling out performance running shoes celebrating America’s oldest annual marathon and America’s oldest subway system. They’re the perfect accessory for jogs along the Esplanade, outrunning the B Line, or power walking your morning commute when there’s yet another disabled train at Park Street.

Why pair one of the city’s fastest traditions with one of its slowest? Saucony chose to honor the MBTA’s finest because it runs along large swaths of the race route, and because some runners use it to pace their speed work as they train.

The company is releasing two new models: the Green Line Special Edition Kinvara 7 and Triumph ISO2, which will retail at $120 and $160, respectively. Both will be available April 15, and will be sold on Saucony’s website, at its John Hancock Sports & Fitness Expo booth, and at Marathon Sports stores.

Hey, at least now when the train makes you 30 minutes late for work, you’ll be tardy in some fresh new kicks.


The Green Line Triumph ISO2.

Triumph ISO2

The Triumph ISO2, from above.