BeautyLynk Is Expanding Its On-Demand Services

The site offers in-home hair and makeup services, with nails coming soon.


Photo by BeautyLynk, provided

On-demand beauty services have become dime a dozen in the last few years—at least, in other cities. When it comes to Boston-based options, selection is sorely lacking.

BeautyLynk is helping to fill that void. Last July, the site began offering on-demand hair and makeup services throughout the Boston area, and in select Rhode Island cities. Manicures and pedicures are coming in a matter of weeks, and lashes and brows may be up next.

The company is the brainchild of Rica Elysee, a serial entrepreneur who’s also behind fitness speed dating concept The Love Workout. She says BeautyLynk is perfect for beauty aficionados who simply don’t have hours to spend at the salon.

“Most of our customers have been the folks who love the convenience,” she says. “They get to kick back, watch Hulu, and have someone complete it at home.”

The site works similarly to most Uber-for-X-style startups. Users log on to the website; choose from the service menu, which includes hair cuts, hair styling, makeup, bridal party hair and makeup, braids, natural hair services, blow outs, and extensions; and pick a day and time. Unlike many similar services, users can also request a specific practitioner, allowing for a fully personalized appointment.

Most of BeautyLynk’s professionals have jobs at salons or makeup counters, Elysee says, while others are full-time freelancers. Their prices are comparable to—and sometimes more affordable than—high-quality salon rates: a haircut is $40, a blowout is $72, and makeup application is $80.

Elysee says most customers use BeautyLynk for special occasions, though some book bi-weekly appointments. “I think the most memorable order was for a woman whose husband had prostate cancer,” Elysee remembers. “She just said, ‘I don’t have the time.’ She loved having a beauty professional just come in and complete that service for her.”

Aside from the convenience, Elysee says the site is great for those who want to ask tons of questions, without looking like a total newbie at the salon.

“When you’re at home and you’re getting it done, you can ask the questions that you’ve been dying to ask about your makeup bag and the products that you have and techniques,” she says, “which you won’t necessarily be able to do when you’re going to a makeup counter.”