Barry’s Bootcamp Is Hosting a Boozy Social Series

Take a class at Barry's, then have snacks and drinks at Gordon's.

Barry's Bootcamp

A Barry’s Bootcamp class. Photo provided.

Barry’s Bootcamp has always had a nightclub-esque atmosphere—think pounding music, dim lighting, beautiful people—minus the booze. That last part is about to change.

In an unlikely partnership, the studio is co-sponsoring a social series with Gordon’s Fine Wines & Liquors. At each event, participants will take a full-body class at Barry’s—which, trust us, is no joke—then head over to Gordon’s for snacks and wine, beer, and whiskey tastings.

The series started earlier this month, and has additional dates on Saturday, April 2 and Saturday, May 7. The April event has a bubbly beverages theme, while the May date is rosé-themed. Not too shabby.

Tickets cost $40, which, while not cheap, is only $10 more than a drop-in class at Barry’s. And, hey, it’s almost guaranteed to be less expensive than a night at the club.

$40, 4/2 and 5/7, 2:45 p.m. Barry’s Bootcamp, 30 Chauncy St., Boston. Register here.