You Could Help Polar Pick Its Next Flavor

The company is assembling a team of 100 consultants.


Polar Unicorn Kisses. Photo by Jamie Ducharme

If you were one of those people filling your trunk, shopping cart, and social media feeds with bottles of Polar Seltzer’s Unicorn Kisses flavor, the Worcester-based company has a proposal for you.

Polar announced Friday that it’s assembling a task force—they’re calling it Team Polar Unicorn—of seltzer super fans, who will act as consultants to the company. Anyone interested may fill out this application. From that pool, Polar will pick 100 well-hydrated individuals to participate in the so-called Impossible Polar Seltzer project, an effort to develop out-of-the-box flavors à la Unicorn Kisses.

Those selected may get to help Polar decide on and test new flavors, give feedback about potential packaging, and more. The application asks for flavor suggestions, so start channeling your inner mixologist now.

Good luck, carbonation lovers. Given the Polar obsession in these parts, competition promises to be fierce.