PopUpAsana Is Hosting Three Yoga and Chocolate Events

Combine your practice with chocolate, cider, wine, and maple water.

Yoga’s good for you. Chocolate is (somewhat) good for you. Combining the two? A match made in heaven—and PopUpAsana has three of those matches coming your way.

April 17

The first, Sunday Namaste, combines three great things—yoga, chocolate, and cider—at the Bantam Cider taproom in Somerville. The event starts with a 10 a.m. vinyasa class. Then, students enjoy a flight of three Bantam ciders, each paired with a flavor of Taza chocolate. Participants should bring proper ID and a yoga mat.

$35, 10 a.m., 4/17. 40 Merriam Ave., Somerville, popupasana.com.

April 19

Can’t make it to Bantam? Just head to WeWork South Station on Tuesday, April 19 for more cocoa and yoga. The event—a good option for those recovering from the marathon, or for any yogi with a penchant for sugar—starts with a tasting of five Taza chocolates, then moves into a restorative yoga class, and ends with maple water from Drink Maple. Bring your own mat.

$22, 6 p.m., 4/19. 745 Atlantic Ave., Boston, popupasana.com.

May 5

Finally, PopUpAsana is hosting a monthly yoga, chocolate, and wine event at the Taza factory in Somerville, with the next installment on May 5. In addition to a vinyasa yoga class and chocolate and wine pairings, there will be an optional 30-minute tour of the facility. Bring your own mat.

$35 or $40 with tour, 6:30 p.m., 5/5. 561 Windsor St., Somerville, popupasana.com.