Is the Tea Bar the Next Juice Bar?

EvyTea will open its first tea bar in Jamaica Plain this summer.

Are tea bars the next juice bars?

A soon-to-open Jamaica Plain spot, tentatively named Tea Bar By EvyTea, is about to find out. The new café, the first brick-and-mortar effort from retail brand EvyTea, will serve organic, non-GMO, cold brew teas, in a space planned to include its own herb garden. Sounds a lot like a juice bar to us.

The brand’s bottled flavors include peach and ginger white tea, lemon and basil green tea, decaf green tea with figs and pomegranate, and more. No word yet on whether those flavors will carry over to the Jamaica Plain shop, set to open this summer at 253 Armory St., but owner Evy Chen told Eater that the menu will focus on tea and coffee, not food.

We know you love green juice. And yes, there’s something appealing about seeing half a dozen fruits and vegetables go into your cup. But considering tea has been linked to its own set of health benefits, and is often sugar-free, we wouldn’t mind a couple tea bars steeping into our daily routine.

253 Armory St., Jamaica Plain,