Request a Personal Running Coach Through Uber Tomorrow

You can also get a free pair of shoes out of the deal.

Squeezing in one last training run before the marathon? Feeling very out of shape because of all this talk about the marathon? Either way, Uber’s got your back.

Tomorrow, Uber and Nike Boston are giving you pretty much zero excuse not to go out for a run. Between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., anybody can use Uber to request a guided workout from Nike+ Run Club Pacers. All you have to do is open the app, select ‘promotions’ from the menu, enter the code RUNBOSTON, and look for the Nike icon.

Two pacers will then run directly to your door, put you through some dynamic stretching, and guide you on a personalized two to three mile run, ending at your starting location. A pacer’s job is to keep you going at a specific clip, so the workout is totally tailored to however fast you want to run.

If you’re not sold yet, it gets better. Up to two runners can take part in each request, so a friend can join, too. Plus, each successful requester will be awarded a free pair of Nike Free RN shoes, and a free Uber trip to pick them up at the Nike store on Newbury Street. The only caveat is you need to pick them up before April 24.

All requests must happen in Downtown Boston, and only a limited number of pacers will be in circulation—so in Uber requesting, as in marathon running, the speediest will be triumphant.