Boston Marathon Runners Share Advice and Inspiration

We spoke with nine intrepid souls who completed the 120th Boston Marathon.

There’s something about the Boston Marathon that inspires thousands of runners to take on Heartbreak Hill and unpredictable New England weather year after year. We caught up with some of those intrepid souls to find out why they run, what it’s like out on the course, and what wannabe Boston Marathoners should know.

Saeger Fisher

Saeger Fischer.

Saeger Fischer

Boston Marathons run: Four.
Portsmouth, NH.

Why do you keep coming back?
“It’s such a special race. It’s just the energy and the people—it’s unlike any other race. Sometimes I think about doing a different marathon in the spring, but somehow, I always gravitate back to Boston. It’s so hard not to run it, because it’s such a special, magic day.”

Patrick Madigan

Patrick Madigan.

Patrick Madigan

Boston Marathons run: One.
Hometown: San Francisco, CA.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to run Boston?
“Try to run as many hilly courses as you can. Try and do a lot of hill sprints and vary your routine up as much as you can.”

Kathryn Meeper

Kathryn Meeper.

Kathryn Meeper

Boston Marathons run: One.
Hometown: Washington, DC.

How did it feel running your first Boston?
“It was rough. It was hard the whole time. The crowd support’s amazing, but the course is definitely tough. Don’t go out too fast. I don’t think I started crazy fast, but I was definitely feeling it later.”

Time and Mike Ryan

Tim, left, and Mike Ryan.

Tim and Mike Ryan

Boston Marathons run: Three, all together. “He’s beaten me every time,” Mike says of his twin.
Hometowns: Upstate New York.

What would you say to someone who wants to run this race?
“Take it easy in the first half, and definitely enjoy the crowds,” Tim says. “No other marathon has as many people out cheering for you the entire way.”

“You can’t beat the crowds, you can’t beat the atmosphere,” Mike adds. “It’s the best marathon in the country, if not the world.”

Brooke Adams

Brooke Adams.

Brooke Adams

Boston Marathons run: Three.
Hometown: Buffalo, NY.

What’s your best advice for Boston Marathon runners?
“Stick to a training plan, and don’t go out to fast, or you’ll feel how I feel right now, which is not good [laughs]. It’s not necessarily how steep [the hills] are, it’s how frequent and where they’re at. It takes a lot out of you.”

Ian Shore and Tim O'Brien

Former college roommates Justin O’Brien, left, and Ian Shore.

Justin O’Brien

Boston Marathons run: One.
Hometown: Pennsylvania.

What’s your advice for someone who wants to run Boston?
“Don’t.” [Laughs]

Ian Shore

Boston Marathons run: One.
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA.

How should someone tackle Boston?
“Be conservative in the first half and just relax. Have some fun. It’s definitely a battle.”

Will Powell

Will Powell.

Will Powell

Boston Marathons run: Two.
Hometown: Portland, ME.

What does someone running Boston need to know?
“Take the first half easier than easy can be. And have fun. I stayed too focused on the race last time. This time, I stopped to smell the flowers, give high-fives. It was a lot of fun.”