Julian Edelman Talks His Health and Fitness Philosophy

We caught up with the wide receiver after he taught a fitness class at Puma.

Julian Edelman

Julian Edelman at Puma. Photo by Jamie Ducharme

Julian Edelman is known for many things: his spot-on impressions, hidden conducting talent, undying love for Tom Brady—and, oh yeah, his pivotal place in the Patriots’ offense.

On Saturday, the wide receiver translated that athletic prowess into a one-time gig as a group fitness instructor. Edelman, with an assist from a Barry’s Bootcamp trainer, led a packed-to-capacity room through a circuit training class at the Puma store on Newbury Street, demonstrating form, offering encouragement, and giving ecstatic fans low-key heart attacks.

We caught up with Edelman after the class to talk fitness, nutrition, and his health philosophy.

On his fitness philosophy:

“I can remember going home after a long day of working out, and my dad would always say, ‘Did you beat those four guys?'” Edelman remembers. “I’d say, ‘What are you talking about, Dad? I was working out alone.’ He says, ‘The four guys that are coming to take your job.’ You’re always trying to out-work someone.”

On his workout routine:

“Monday and Thursday are linear speed days, so I’m working my straight-ahead speed and my top-in speed,” he says. “Tuesday and Friday are lateral days. With that comes plyometrics, resistant running, beach training, sand training, all those types of things.”

On his eating plan:

“I go with the 80/20 rule,” Edelman says. “Eighty percent clean eating, 20 percent reward yourself.”

On fitness in the off-season versus in-season:

“You work all off-season to get ready for the season, so in the weight room you’re working a lot harder to prepare for the season,” he says. “During the season, you’re just trying to maintain. It chokes back a lot, because you’re trying to recover from the game, the hits, all of that.”

On packing the house at Puma, on the Saturday of Patriots’ Day weekend:

“There ain’t no days off on the weekend, baby,” he says. “It felt good. It’s an honor to have people out here to support you, like they do. It’s a great city to be a part of.”

His final thoughts:

“Go Pats.”