Say Hello to the Latest Health Trend: Watermelon Water

A new brand hits shelves this summer. But does it actually do anything?

These days, celebrities tote cold-pressed juices the way they did purse-sized dogs circa 2010. From coconut water to green smoothies, health-oriented beverages are a bonafide trend—and there’s another hitting the scene.

DRINKmaple, a Massachusetts-based maker of maple water, is branching out to watermelon water this summer. Logically named DRINKmelon, the new product hits shelves in June and will sell for $2.99 a bottle. It contains only American-grown, organic watermelon.

First, let us acknowledge that you could make DIY watermelon water by simply cutting up fruit and placing it in a water bottle. Nonetheless, the company claims that its product provides the vitamin C, lycopene, potassium, and amino acids naturally found in watermelon, all in one portable container. It’s also said to aid in digestion, athletic performance, and muscle recovery.

Watermelon water has been produced by other brands since 2014, but thus far hasn’t gained major traction. Like maple water, it’s also unclear whether watermelon water does as much as it claims to, but it’s probably only a matter of time before it appears in the well-toned arms of health nuts everywhere.

And, we have to admit, it does sound like a refreshing beverage for a hot summer day.


DRINKmelon photo provided