The 2016 Polar Summer Flavors Are Officially Out

We taste-tested all five of the limited-edition flavors.

Summer Seasonals

Polar’s Summer Seasonals/Photo provided

In New England, there are many signs of spring and summer. Temperatures rise, winter coats are banished to storage, plants bloom, people once again spend time outdoors—and Polar Seltzer releases its limited-edition seasonal flavors.

The cult-favorite brand, based in Worcester, has announced its latest batch of summer flavors: tangerine limeade, watermelon margarita, mango berry, pomegranate sangria, and raspberry pink lemonade. All of the flavors, according to company spokespeople, were inspired by sunshine and warm weather.

New this year, three of the options—watermelon margarita, tangerine limeade, and raspberry pink lemonade—will be available in cans as well as bottles.

As has become a tradition at Boston, we took the liberty of taste-testing the new offerings. Staffers Madeline Bilis, Jackie Cain, Kyle Clauss, Jamie Ducharme, and Matt Juul took on the onerous task of sampling each seltzer. Here’s what we thought:

1. Tangerine Limeade

  • JD: Very refreshing.
  • KC: This would be good with vodka.
  • JC: And gin, for the record.

2. Raspberry Pink Lemonade

  • JC: You can really taste the lemon in this one.
  • KC: Bland.
  • MB: This is my favorite one.

3. Mango Berry

  • MB: I was excited about the mango, but the berry is overwhelming.
  • JC: This has more of a smell than a taste.
  • JD: It smells like Gushers.

4. Watermelon Margarita

  • MJ: This smells like a melted popsicle.
  • KC: Ugh. Ugh. This is bad.
  • MB: I like this one!

5. Pomegranate Sangria

  • MB: This is like a back-of-the-freezer purple Freeze Pop.
  • JD: Not a fan of this one.
  • KC: It’s like a blue scented marker.

Don’t trust our refined palates? The summer flavors hit stores today, May 1, so you can find out for yourself.