Cocobeet Started Construction on a New Wellesley Shop

That's not all—an Indonesia branch is in the works for later this year.

Boston, if you haven’t noticed, is a hotbed of juice bars. But one of those businesses has its eyes set on two other locations—one nearby, and one quite a bit less so.

Cocobeet, which currently operates a popular juice bar and plant-based café in City Hall Plaza, today announced via Instagram that construction has begun on a new Wellesley shop, to be located at 57 Central Street. Cofounder Onur Ozkoc says there’s not a set launch date yet, but doors will hopefully open sometime late this summer. The shop’s menu will be similar to that of the Boston location.

Bringing juice to the ‘burbs is one thing, but Cocobeet also has a far more ambitious expansion plan in the works. The company is also planning to open a commissary kitchen that will serve several branches in Jakarta, Indonesia. At least the first is set to open sometime in 2016. More international branches may be coming down the line, but Ozkoc is staying mum on the details for now.

And you thought Wellesley was a haul.