Bella Santé Is Offering Free Sun Damage Screenings

You can see the sun spots, dark spots, and dry areas on your face.

skin analysis

A skin analysis at Bella Sante/Photo provided

You’ve probably seen those terrifying commercials, where people find out just how much sun damage their skin has sustained over the years. Now you, too, can see the havoc wreaked by beach days and SPF-less summers.

All three Bella Santé spas are now offering free skin analyses, using Skin Scope by SkinCeuticals and Reveal machines. A 15-minute appointment will show you the sun spots, dark spots, and dehydrated areas on your face, neck, and ears. The machines can also illustrate the stark contrast between bare skin and skin protected by sunscreen.

The machines use LED lights to closely examine the skin, zeroing in on damaged areas. A Bella Santé esthetician will walk you through the appointment, pointing out zones that could use attention and zones that are healthy.

Yes, we know finding out how much damage you’ve done to your skin is considerably less fun than a typical trip to the spa—but it’s a wake-up call that could eventually save your life.

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