Pumping Platinum at Ezia Athletic Club in Nantucket

Here's a taste of what you'd get from the swanky club, which requires a $120,000 initiation fee and $5,000-per-year dues.

ezia athletic club

Courtesy Photo

When Ezia Athletic Club began construction on Nantucket last year, it made headlines for its jaw-dropping $120,000 initiation fee and $5,000-per-year dues. The swanky club won’t open until 2017, but it’s currently selling memberships to 250 deep-pocketed families. Want in? Here’s a taste of what you’d get.

8,000 square feet of gym space, with sprinting lanes, Olympic weightlifting platforms, and high-tech functional training machines.

DNA testing, for fine-tuning nutrition recommendations based on blood type and genetic profile.

A full-service spa offering massages, facials, physical therapy, and more.

An aquatic treatment area complete with a cold salt plunge pool.

Regulation-size athletic fields, for outdoor training and sporting events.

Yearly two-hour performance assessments, for defining fitness and nutrition goals.

A business center, for teleconferences that just can’t wait.