Work Out Like: a Monster Jam Driver

Two-time champion Madusa talks diet, exercise, and life behind the wheel.


Madusa in action/Photos provided

Debrah Miceli is a 53-year-old certified yoga instructor, personal trainer, and soon-to-be fitness nutritionist. She doesn’t smoke, rarely drinks, and calls you sweetheart.

Pop her in a bright pink truck, however, and she becomes Madusa, the championship-winning, hard-driving queen of the Monster Jam circuit. To this day, she is the only woman to win a Monster Jam championship–and she’s done it twice.

“I’m still breaking records, still giving the 20-year-olds a run for their money,” says the so-called Queen of Carnage. “People say, ‘My god, they should clone you. What do you have in your genes?'”

A pro wrestler for 18 years before embarking on her driving career, Madusa attributes her continued success to her love of health and fitness. “I’ve always been a health nut my whole life, and a fitness guru. When you’re a professional wrestler, I guess you have to be part narcissistic,” she laughs. “You’re always worrying about your bod, what’s going in your pie hole.”

She may be almost two decades removed from the wrestling ring, but Madusa says she’s still hyper-aware of her training and her diet. Before she brings the show to Gillette Stadium on June 25, Madusa tells us how to work out like a Monster Jam driver:


Madusa says her exercise regimen has changed drastically since her days on the wrestling circuit. “I used to be this crazy muscle chick, but not so much now. I really don’t want to squat 226 [pounds] now,” she says. “I used to beat people up for a living. Now the truck beats me up.”

Today, she works out four times a week, looking to yoga and cardio to keep her show-ready. “Doing 10-minute workouts in a hotel room will make a bigger difference than not working out at all,” she says. “When you’re in a 10,000-pound machine, you have to respect that.”


Madusa says her diet is a major part of her longevity, from maintaining her appearance to keeping her energy up. She looks to local foods, whole grains, and juices, and avoids red meat, dairy, and soda. Bread, she says, is a love-hate relationship. “I am a bread queen,” she laughs. “Remember I said we have our vices? I could eat a whole loaf of bread.”

Madusa says her healthy lifestyle keeps her going, but she’s realistic about knowing when to call it quits. “Would I like to go on forever? Sure,” she says. “But do I think it’s right? I feel that an athlete should know and recognize when it’s time to move on.”

Catch Madusa at Monster Jam on Saturday, 6/25 at Gillette Stadium. Tickets can be purchased here.