This Is What a Kickboxing Instructor Eats for Breakfast

Eliza Shirazi, the woman behind Kick It by Eliza, takes us into her kitchen.

We don’t need to tell you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. In this series, we ask local notables for a sneak peek at how they start the day.

Eliza Shirazi

Eliza Shirazi’s breakfast/photo provided

Eliza Shirazi

Claim to Fame: Shirazi is the Eliza behind Kick It by Eliza, the popular kickboxing-inspired workout popping up at studios all over town.

What she ate: Arugula topped with pan-fried potatoes, avocado, and eggs.

Why she chose it: Shirazi would like you to know she is not happy with this picture. “I am so upset that I broke the yolk for this,” she fumes. “Like, seriously? One of the few times I have to take a picture of my breakfast and I can’t get it right?”

Photo struggles aside, Shirazi says this meal is a delicious standby. “This is my go-to breakfast meal because it is so easy, fast, and fresh,” she says. “I usually start by letting some garlic sizzle in grape seed oil, and as it fills my kitchen with a heavenly smell, I decide how I want to cook my eggs and immediately locate the avocado. If you didn’t know, avocado makes everything better. Bad day? Avocado. Heartbreak? Avocado. Stressed? Avocado. Everything else is secondary.”