10 Everyday Activities That Burn 100 Calories

Need a workout in a pinch? Just walk, clean, garden, or dance.


Gardening photo via istock.com/teinyawka

When you think of exercise, you probably imagine lifting weights or going for a run. Those are great, of course, but some of the things you do every day, without ever thinking of them as part of your fitness routine, are no slouch in the calorie burning department. While a fitness regimen can’t be built on cleaning and gardening alone, they can be a great part of an active lifestyle. Here’s how long you’d have to do average daily tasks to burn 100 calories.

1. Take the stairs: Climb stairs at your home, office, or apartment building for 11 minutes.

2. Walk: Take a half-hour break and go for a walk around the neighborhood.

3. Bike: An 11-minute, moderate pace bike ride will burn off your afternoon snack.

4. Clean: Cleaning your apartment for 35 minutes burns 100 calories—and shortens your to-do list.

5. Garden: Twenty-two minutes of weeding and planting doubles as a quick workout.

6. Swim: Take the kids to the community pool, swim laps for 13 minutes, and you’ve shaved off 100 calories.

7. Dance: Tear it up on the dance floor for 20 minutes, partner or not.

8. Cook: Sure, you’ll gain the calories back after, you know, eating the meal you made. But cooking for 45 minutes will offset the gain by 100 calories.

9. Move furniture: Help your friend move for just 15 minutes. You’ll burn 100 calories, and earn even more brownie points.

10. Yard work: If you’re lucky enough to have a yard, tending it for half an hour will get your activity level up.

Calorie estimates via My Fitness Pal, based on a 150-pound person.