A 10-Minute, No Equipment Arm Workout

Get toned arms in a snap.

Are you intimidated by the free weight section of the gym? Don’t own weights to do exercises in the comfort of your own home? No problem. You don’t need weights to strengthen and tone your arms. These body-weight exercises will have your arms feeling like Jell-O (in a good way) in no time.

To get in the zone, find three of your favorite songs to sweat to—or use our playlist! Each exercise is simple, but effective.

Arm pulses
Song: “Golden Light” (ft. 6AM), Madden

Extend your arms out to the sides and lift them to shoulder height. Spread your fingers wide and turn your palms to face up. Start an arm pulse to the beat of the music, but keep it small and engage every arm muscle as you go.

After counting 16 pulses, transition into arm pulses with palms facing down.

Continue the 16-count pattern, and switch to palms facing forward.

Finally, turn your palms to face backward.

Repeat that sequence until the song ends.

Pushups and tricep dips
Song: “Lush Life,” Zara Larsson

Start in a high plank, with hands slightly wider than your shoulders. Keep your knees lifted, belly and ribs pulled into your spine, and hips low. Begin with eight slow pushups to the beat of the music. Drop your knees to tabletop position and sink back to child’s pose for five to 10 seconds. Hop back in and do eight more pushups, then break. Do four to five rounds total. Modification: If traditional pushups aren’t for you, try pushups against the wall or pushups on your knees.

Swing your legs around and come into reverse tabletop position, with feet under your knees and arms shoulder-width apart. Fingers should be turned toward your heels. Begin by doing eight tricep dips. Send your elbows behind you and gaze forward. Rest for five to 10 seconds, then complete four or five round total.

Arm curls and pulls
Song: “Takes My Body Higher” (ft. Lincoln Jesser), Shoffy

Start standing, and extend your arms out to a T. Turn palms to face up, then make a strong fist. Do 16 bicep curls, keeping your elbows at shoulder height and bending the arms to 90 degrees. Curl to the beat of the music.

Next, keeping your elbows bent to 90 degrees, extend your arms straight above your head and pull down. Engage the muscles in your back and shoulders as you complete the pulling action. Do 16 pulls.

Finally, extend your arms straight forward at shoulder height, shoulder-width apart. Turn your palms up and make a fist. Curl and bend your elbows to 90 degrees. Do 16 reps and then repeat the entire sequence until the song ends.