A New Aerial Adventure Park Is Open in Canton

TreeTop Adventures features zip lines and high ropes courses between 12 and 60 feet off the ground.


TreeTop Adventures/Photo by Raj Das

Just 20 miles from Boston, an afternoon of forest adventure awaits.

Earlier this month, Christopher and Molly Kerr opened TreeTop Adventures, a four-acre aerial park in Canton. The park boasts 10 trails of varying difficulty, ranging from 12 to 60 feet off the ground. Each one is comprised of a series of treetop platforms, and to complete each trail, visitors have to traverse zip lines and bridges, and complete a series of mental and physical challenges.

“It’s like a physical puzzle,” Molly says. “You have to figure out how you’re going to get across it.”

TreeTop is open to anybody seven or older, and pricing varies depending on age. For adults, 2.5 hours of climbing, and a 30-minute safety instruction session, costs $52. Season passes and group rates are also available. The park also offers several variations on its usual activities, including LED-lit night climbing on Fridays and Saturdays, and “Glow in the Park,” a night of glow-in-the-dark adventure, on July 29.

Molly says the park was born because her family wanted to bring an outdoor experience available elsewhere in New England to the Greater Boston area.

“We experienced a similar park up in Vermont with our daughters, and it was such an amazing family experience,” she says. “There are so few activities today where the entire family is having fun. There’s something for everyone.”

200 New Boston Drive, Canton, tree-topadventures.com.


Photo by Raj Das


Photo courtesy of TreeTop Adventures


Photo by Raj Das