This Couple Got Married at the CrossFit Games

Christina Moore and Oliver Drewes are both passionate CrossFit fans.

CrossFit wedding

Christina Moore and Oliver Drewes/Photo provided

The bride wore white and the groom wore black. That’s about where the conventional aspects of Oliver Drewes and Christina Moore’s wedding come to an end.

Clad in wedding-appropriate black and white athletic gear, the couple tied the knot on Saturday during Canton-based Reebok’s CrossFit Games. They were married on the competition floor as CrossFit mega fans looked on, their prize for winning Reebok’s WOD Wedding Contest.

Drewes and Moore, who live in Brooklyn, fell in love amidst the barbells and medicine balls at their local CrossFit box. And though their nuptials may not have been traditional, Moore says they were fitting for a couple obsessed with all things fitness.

“We fell in love while WOD-ing in a pit and running obstacle course races,” she says. “I wasn’t a little girl who dreamed of a big wedding or a white dress. All I ever wanted was happiness and love with a man who loves my brand of crazy. I found that man!”

We can only imagine the extent of their pre-wedding fitness plan.