What’s in Rebecca Pacheco’s Gym Bag?

The star yoga teacher shows us the contents of her jam-packed tote.

For most of us, simply remembering to pack a gym bag is a victory. But for those who’ve made careers out of health and fitness, it’s all in a day’s work. In this series, we’ll take you inside those expertly packed bags.

Rebecca Pacheco

Rebecca Pacheco’s gym bag, / Photo by Alexandra Brillaud

Rebecca Pacheco

The pro: Top-rated yoga teacher, author, and public speaker Rebecca Pacheco. She teaches at Equinox and Inner Strength Studio, and has created yoga DVDs for Runner’s World. 

The bag: A tote bag decorated in honor of Pacheco’s book Do Your Om Thing, made by friend and fellow trainer Lauren Hefez.

The contents:

1. Journals and pens: “I always have multiple journals in progress for jotting down new yoga sequences, notes for my next book, speeches, to-do lists, business ideas, and drafts of thank you notes,” Pacheco says. “I’m picky about pens, so I always carry my favorites. To the gym, you say? Yes, always.”

2. A lock.

3. Sunglasses: “These are a current favorite, with ’80s blue mirrored lenses,” she says.

4. Warby Parker eyeglasses.

5. iPod Shuffle: The iPod Shuffle is alive and well, thanks to Pacheco. “I prefer it to having a phone anywhere near me when I exercise. It’s my time to unplug,” she says. “My husband [running coach Dan Fitzgerald] engraved this one with a nickname we call each other.”

6. Makeup pouch: She keeps makeup, hair ties, bobby pins, mints, and other odds and ends inside. Her makeup essentials include Burt’s Bees lip balm, Blinc mascara, Josie Maran Argan Creamy Concealer Crayon, and Tarte cheek stain.

7. Kindle Paperwhite with a Jonathan Adler cover: “For the gym, the Kindle is a dream,” she says. “It’s mostly loaded with fiction.”

8. Jump rope: “In a pinch, a jump rope is a great, efficient workout you can do anywhere,” Pacheco says.

9. Meditation bells: Pacheco carries bells to use in classes and during speaking engagements.

10. Tea bags: “I don’t drink coffee, but I am a tea junkie and carry a stash with me,” Pacheco says. She favors British black tea for energy, or peppermint or rooibos for relaxation.

11. Energy bar: “No one likes a hangry yoga teacher,” she quips. Truth.

12. Poppin folder: Between classes, Pacheco is known to work on her books or speeches. This folder keeps her papers organized.

13. Bungee cord: Pacheco is a biker, so she uses bungees to secure her bag as she rides.

14. Business cards: “My assistant and I designed these recently,” she says. “I love how small and sleek they are.”

15. Mala beads: “I bought these in New York at a favorite yoga studio during an important visit,” Pacheco says. “I wear them. I take them off. They roll around the bottom of my bag. I like knowing they’re close.”