A Day in the Life: Boston Public Market CEO Cheryl Cronin

The head of the BPM pauses between bites to share her hectic schedule.

Boston Public Market produce photo provided.

Boston Public Market/photo provided.

Ever wondered how people who eat, sleep, and breathe health spend their days? We did. So in this series, we’ll take you behind the scenes and show you a day in the life.

Cheryl Cronin, Boston Public Market CEO

When you spend your workday inside Boston’s favorite indoor food market, you’re going to eat—a lot.

“I pop in and out of the market all day long,” says Cheryl Cronin, who was named CEO in January. “I don’t go more than a couple of hours without circling around the vendors for some tea, an apple, or a smoothie.”

Luckily, that abundance is comprised almost entirely of nutritious, locally sourced options. “Even if I’m eating my way through the day, it’s all so wholesome and great,” she says.

Cronin gave us a glimpse of her busy, food-filled life:

5 a.m.: Cronin has a big day ahead of her—about “16 meetings”—so there’s no time to sleep in. “My husband and I are very early risers,” she says. “I usually reach for [BPM vendor] George Howell coffee.”

Breakfast: Oatmeal with strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries.

7:30 a.m.: When “every day is a food day,” as Cronin says, it’s especially vital to squeeze in a workout. That’s why she walks to and from the office, about a 1.5-mile stretch from her Back Bay residence. “I knew when I started this job that I’d be eating like crazy, so I exercise whenever I can,” Cronin says.

Snack 1: A second cup of coffee, or a smoothie from Mother Juice.

12 p.m.: The BPM team spends the bulk of the workday brainstorming ways to bring in customers and partner with the surrounding community. Today, Cronin is planning a Fall Harvest party.

Lunch: “My attention usually turns to lunch by noon,” Cronin says. “I graze my way through the offerings just like any other customer.” Today, she selects a salmon salad and a chicken dish from Noodle Lab.

Mid-afternoon: Right now, Cronin is working to recruit new vendors and planning a party to celebrate the BPM’s new seven-days-a-week schedule. “I got to sip beer at my desk, so that was fun,” she notes.

Snack 2: “There are so many delicious offerings in the summer, it’s hard to resist,” Cronin laughs. This afternoon, she pick up fresh heirloom tomatoes.

6 p.m.: “Usually, I’ll hang around later or meet someone for a cosmopolitan after work before my walk home,” Cronin says. “But my youngest son is about to go off to college, so right now I go home early to focus on spending time with him.”

Dinner: For Cronin, putting dinner on the table is a family affair—using ingredients from the market, of course. “Before I head out, my family and I exchange texts about what we want to eat,” she says. “Then everyone ends up pitching in to cook.”