Six Ways to Turn the City into Your Yoga Studio

Why practice indoors when you've got a city full of places to strike a pose?

Boston is chock full of places to do yoga en plein air—and we’re not talking about all the free outdoor fitness classes happening this summer. (Though if you’re interested in those, here’s a handy guide.) No, we’re talking about the city itself. Around every street corner and down every alley is a new place to practice your crow pose and warrior two with the wind at your back.

Don’t believe us? Get inspired by these nine Instagram yogis and the places they practice.

1. The Christian Science Fountain.  Bonus: You’ve got a built-in place to cool down.


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2. The Boston Harbor. By the way, this is just one of this Instagramer’s non-traditional spots. Her account takes everyday practice to a whole new level.

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3. On the beach. Talk about yoga with a view.

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4. The Public Garden. Just prepare to be photographed by tourists.

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5. In front of the ice cream truck. Maybe they cancel each other out?

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6. Alongside the Zakim Bridge. So much better than sitting in traffic.