Chris Evans and John Krasinski Took On the 22 Pushup Challenge

The viral challenge raises awareness for veterans' mental health initiatives.

Chris Evans

Photo by Paul Drinkwater / NBC

For Chris Evans, who famously got ripped to play Captain America, doing 22 pushups is no problem. But on Monday, his set was about more than working out.

Evans took part in the 22 Pushup Challengean initiative meant to raise awareness and money for veterans’ mental health and PTSD programs. To bring the swoon quotient up a notch, the Massachusetts native did his push-ups with his dog standing by. Oh, and he was challenged by John Krasinski. Because of course he was.

If you didn’t get your fill of Boston celebrities doing push-ups as a dog looks on, here’s Krasinski’s video for good measure. Bonus points for the Red Sox hat.

Want to get involved in the challenge yourself? You can find all the details here. And remember, skeptics, viral challenges aren’t always just a gimmick—just last month, news broke that money raised by the Ice Bucket Challenge helped fund an ALS research breakthrough.