Tom Brady Continues Quest to Make Everybody Eat Like Tom Brady

He just dropped TB12 Snacks, a line of vegan, raw, organic snacks.

Photo via AP

Photo via AP

If ever you feel compelled to eat like Tom Brady, you have a few options. You could shell out $200 for his maple-bound “nutrition manual” and learn the secrets of avocado ice cream making. You could study the tips of his personal chef, Allen Campbell. Or you could take the lazy route and order TB12’s new pre-packaged snack sampler box. The choice is yours.

The latest option, cleverly called TB12 Snacks, is no ordinary box of snacks. No, these are Brady snacks. They’re vegan. They’re organic. They’re raw. They’re dairy- and gluten-free. And, as a final flourish, they come in bags made of biodegradable rice paper, because of course they do.

Each box of TB12 Snacks includes a curated selection of treats and treasures, including Blueberry Crunch; Amazon Crunch, a.k.a, “the best the rainforest has to offer”; Superfood Energy Squares; Cacao Goji Energy Squares; Dark Cocoa Coconut, which is basically the closest Brady comes to dessert; and a mixture of buffalo almonds and ranch cashews.

A 12-count variety pack—the only quantity available on the website at this time—will run you $50. That may seem like a bargain compared to the infamous cookbook, but that breaks down to roughly $2.50 per ounce of Brady-endorsed goodness.

That’s steeper than your average box of nuts and fruits, to be sure. But for the good people of Patriots Nation, the chance to feel like the GOAT just may be priceless.

UPDATED, August 23, 4:15 p.m.: Like the nutrition manual before them, TB12 Snacks sold out in the blink of an eye. No word yet on when they might be back in stock.