What’s in a Cycling Instructor’s Gym Bag?

Jess Bashelor, owner of the Handle Bar, shows off her arsenal of beauty products.

For most of us, simply remembering to pack a gym bag is a victory. But for those who’ve made careers out of health and fitness, it’s all in a day’s work. In this series, we’ll take you inside those expertly packed bags.

Jess Bashelor

Jess Bashelor’s gym bag/photo provided

Jess Bashelor

The pro: The Handle Bar owner, founder, and instructor Jess Bashelor. Under her leadership, the indoor cycling brand now has studios in Fenway, South Boston, and Cambridge.

The bag: A tote from the studio.

The contents:

1. Phone charger: “Because I love Snapchat, and Snapchat loves to eat iPhone battery,” Bashelor says.
2. Klara Kelly headband: Bashelor uses these to keep her hair controlled during sweaty rides.
3. Wallet: It contains workday necessities such as business cards, credit cards, and parking passes.
4. Baby Lips lip balm: “It leaves my lips moisturized and soft with the most subtle pop of color,” Bashelor says. She opts for the plum flavor.
5. Fresh Sugar Lip Polish: Because, sometimes, one lip product just isn’t enough.
6. Not Your Mother’s dry shampoo: “If I washed my hair every time I showered, I think it might all fall out,” Bashelor says. “This is perfect for in between washes.”
7. Dove deodorant: A necessity when working out is your job.
8. Not Your Mother’s sea salt spray: “A few spritzes of this and even the messiest hair looks beachy and fun,” Bashelor says.
9. Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish: “I use this to totally clear my face of any dirt, makeup, et cetera,” Bashelor says. “No product leaves my skin feeling cleaner.”
10. Water bottle: “Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate,” Bashelor stresses.
11. Watch: Bashelor’s timepiece is from an Australian brand called the Horse.
12. Lululemon leggings: Bashelor comes prepared. “At least one extra clean pair is rolled up in my bag at all times,” she says.
13. Sunglasses.
14. Makeup removing towelettes: Towelettes are a lifesaver for those with busy schedules, getting you out the door in minutes.
15. Bracelets: Bashelor gifted these bracelets to the entire Handle Bar staff last Christmas. Now, she says, she never leaves home without them.
16. Chance by Chanel: “Because your scent is a great way to make an impression,” she says.
17. Clear Eyes drops.