The Sweat Concierge Is Dishing Out Honest Fitness Reviews

Its team reviews studios, classes, and instructors around Boston.

Orangetheory Fitness

Class at Orangetheory Fitness, one of the Sweat Concierge’s reviews/Photo provided

When Victoria Scott couldn’t find a reliable site for gym reviews, she decided to make her own.

Scott is behind the Sweat Concierge, a recently launched site that reviews workouts and studios all over town. It also spotlights gear, playlists, and local instructors.

“The tone [of the reviews] is very straightforward, friend-to-friend, and honest. It’s very honest, sometimes to the point of too honest,” Scott says. “That’s been a struggle. People are not used to this format in the fitness world, especially in Boston.”

The Sweat Concierge started with Scott taking classes and writing about them. She made a list of every studio in Boston, and “started pounding the pavement.” A fan of CrossFit, Scott worked her way through many a high-intensity workout with no problem, but when she reached a barre class, something that didn’t fit her usual exercise habits, she knew she needed help from gym rats with different workout tastes.

Now, the Sweat Concierge has a team of five, working together to try everything from boxing to barre. The site says it all: the good, the bad, and the ugly about gyms, classes, workout gear, and even instructors in the Boston area. To stay unbiased, Scott refuses to accept any free classes and will not announce to studios when a reviewer is coming.

“I really want the experience that [the reviewers] have to be just like a regular person,” Scott says. “The studio should be on their A-game no matter what day it is, and no matter who’s walking in your door.”

The site is still expanding, but Scott says she eventually wants to turn the Sweat Concierge into a destination for fitness inspiration, adding additional content such as recipes and beauty product suggestions. And get ready, studios of New York—she’s hoping to tackle your fitness scene next.