The 2016 Ig Nobel Prize Winners Are, Predictably, Bizarre

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Thomas Thwaites as GoatMan/Photo by Tim Bowditch

Some scientific research seems more important than it is. And some scientific research is so bizarre, it seems it couldn’t possibly be as useful as it is.

On Thursday, contributions to the latter category were honored at the Ig Nobel Prize awards, an annual ceremony at Harvard that showcases the unusual, the innovative, and the downright weird. But unlike, say, the Razzies, Ig Nobel Prizes aren’t a celebration of failure—they’re handed out by actual Nobel Prize winners, and recognize good, if offbeat, science that “makes people laugh, and then think.”

The 2016 Ig Nobel Prize winners didn’t disappoint. The weirdest include:

You can see a full list of winners, past and present, here.

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