Yoga for Bad People Is Coming to Boston

The rule-breaking yoga brand is hosting an event at Vega Vitality.

Somewhere along the line, the stereotypical idea of a yogi became a green juice-guzzling, kale-eating, body-is-a-temple-preaching health warrior. If you’re one of those virtuous beings, more power to you. For the rest of us, there’s Yoga for Bad People (YBP), which comes to Boston on October 5.

As the name suggests, YBP is about making yoga fit into the lifestyles of real humans—humans who sometimes choose pizza instead of salad, and wine instead of water. As the company’s mission statement puts it, “We are normal people. We like to have fun. And we like yoga.” Same.

On October 5, YBP will bring that mantra to Vega Vitality, on Boylston Street. The night kicks off with YBP’s signature class, an athletic vinyasa flow set to an upbeat playlist. Afterward, enjoy snacks from health-focused chef Grace Brinton and drinks—alcoholic or not—that use juices from Juice Press.

Tickets cost $30, and can be purchased here.

$30, 10/5, 6 p.m. Vega Vitality, 551 Boylston St., Boston,