Here’s Your Weekly Dose of Monday Motivation

Let these Bostonians inspire you to get fit, healthy, and motivated this week.

We meet again, Monday.

Another weekend may have slipped from our grasps in the blink of an eye, but this week, instead of drowning your Monday sorrows in lakes of coffee and early Halloween candy binges, why not get revved up for the week ahead? To get you started, we present seven healthy sources of Monday Motivation. Now go forth and get fit.

1. We know you feel like face-planting back into bed. But maybe try this instead.

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2. It’s possible to be this happy while working out. Go try it for yourself.

3. If this scenery doesn’t make you want to go running, we don’t know what will.

4. This is way better than a fun-sized candy bar, in our humble opinion.

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5. If people can do this while you’re still in bed, you can crush this week.

6. With a little effort, you can get fit anywhere.

…and we mean anywhere.

7. Finally, just know that, if you work hard enough, it’s possible to do this.