Attention: The Polar Winter 2016 Flavors Are Here

Start searching your supermarket for cranberry cider, pink peach Bellini, and more.

In New England, there is no surer sign of the changing seasons than the release of Polar Seltzer’s limited-edition flavors. The Worcester brand’s cult following awaits the announcement with collective baited breath, pontificating about the new flavors and putting forth impassioned pleas for the revival of old favorites.

We’re pleased to say the wait is over. Polar announced the winter lineup via Facebook: cranberry cider, winter citrus and berry, tart cherry and lime, pink peach Bellini, and late harvest berries. As of this writing, the post has already racked up more than 1,000 likes and 583 shares.

True fans will know that both winter citrus and berry and tart cherry and lime are repeats from last year’s winter line. (The former was a favorite in our taste-test. The latter, not so much.) Dying to try the others? Join the club. Our trusty Polar purveyor doesn’t yet have them on shelves, though one lucky fan posted that she found the new flavors at a Stop & Shop in Worcester. Stay tuned for updates.

When you finally do find the new flavors, expect to see more than the classic one-liter bottles. Cranberry cider, winter citrus and berry, and tart cherry and lime will be available in cans.

Oh, and take heart, non-New Englanders. Polar hinted on Facebook that you, too, may enjoy this liquid gold soon enough. According to comments from the brand, it’s “working on” bringing its goods to Kansas, and has “dreams and aspirations” of eventually expanding to Europe.