This Is What’s in Tracksmith CEO Matt Taylor’s Gym Bag

He packs his bag full of running essentials.

For most of us, simply remembering to pack a gym bag is a victory. But for those who’ve made careers out of health and fitness, it’s all in a day’s work. In this series, we’ll take you inside those expertly packed bags.

Matt Taylor

Matt Taylor’s gym bag/Photo provided

The pro: Matt Taylor, CEO and cofounder of Wellesley-based running brand Tracksmith. Before his gig at Tracksmith, Taylor ran competitively at Yale, and was a marketing executive at Puma.

The bag: Tracksmith’s Mission Top Loader.

The contents:

1. Sweatshirt: Taylor’s really buying into Tracksmith’s college varsity vibe here. “This is an old UConn track sweatshirt that I stole from my father-in-law,” he says. “It’s ideal for throwing on post-workout.”

2. Soma water bottle: Soma’s bottles are made from shatter-resistant glass. “I can throw it in my bag and not worry about it,” Taylor says.

3. Forest Bound dopp kit: Taylor uses this pouch, from Somerville-based Forest Bound, to neatly store smaller essentials.

4. Timex Ironman watch: Unless you like staring at your watch the whole run—I’m looking at you, GPS watch runners—a Timex Ironman is all you need,” Taylor says.

5. Sunglasses.

6. Justin’s almond butter: “Find me a runner who doesn’t live off peanut butter—or in this case, almond butter,” Taylor says. Words to live by.

7. Notebook and pencil: Taylor uses these old-school tools to log mileage and training, and to jot down random ideas.

8. Meter magazine: After having knee surgery earlier this year, Taylor is sometimes forced onto the stationary bike for lower-impact exercise. He entertains himself with Meter, a Tracksmith-produced quarterly running magazine.

9. Ursa Major face spray: Real men use products. Taylor turns to this refreshing facial spray, which he calls “the perfect post-run spritz if you don’t have time for a shower.”