10 Healthy Food Instagrams You Should Follow

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When you’re busy, hungry, and trying to get dinner on the table at a reasonable hour, the smallest factor can sway your decision making. A stranger on the T is eating fragrant fries? Fast food it is. Your favorite delivery app is running a promotion? Takeout, please.

That’s why it’s helpful to surround yourself with healthy inspiration, in whatever form you can find it. Not sure where to start? Try these 10 local healthy food-focused Instagram accounts. Their feeds are full of healthy and beautiful eats that may just have you craving salads and smoothie bowls, instead of pizza and Pad Thai.

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1. Registered dietitian Kara Lydon

Lydon calls herself “the Foodie Dietitian,” and she’s not kidding. Her feed is populated with mouthwatering recipes—and a few very impressive avocado roses.

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2. Health coach Kerri Axelrod

Soft lighting, gorgeous photography, and a dizzying array of fruits and vegetables make Axelrod’s a must-follow account.

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3. Food blogger Amanda Maguire

Maguire’s account, Pickles and Honey, is all about balance. Salads, green smoothies, and veggies coexist with desserts, pizzas, and pancakes. Nearly all of the recipes on her blog are vegan.

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4. Juice bar Jugos

This hole-in-the-wall Back Bay juice bar is the reigning king of Boston acai bowls. On its Instagram, you’ll see plenty of bowls, juices, avocado toasts, salads, and more.

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5. Food blogger Madeline Heising

Heising focuses on plant-forward dishes, with some gorgeous cheese boards for good measure. Her well-composed snaps will have you drooling.

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6. Vegetarian restaurant Whole Heart Provisions

Whether you can stop by its Allston shop or not, Whole Heart Provisions’ posts will have you craving huge piles of veggies. Yes, really.

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7. Food blogger Alexis Kornblum Davidson

Kornblum Davidson, the woman behind the popular blog Lexi’s Clean Kitchen, cooks meals that are healthy and often low-carb. Nonetheless, they look indulgent enough to qualify as bonafide food porn.

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8. Health coach Jennifer Hanway

Does this woman ever stop drinking green juice? Her devotion to clean eating will give you the motivation boost you need.

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9. Juice bar Mother Juice

MoJu’s colorful photos of juices, smoothies, salads, and its cult-favorite overnight oats will have you running straight to your grocer’s produce section.

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10. Registered dietitian Skylar Griggs

Griggs chronicles her healthy food adventures via Instagram, posting her own meals, dishes from healthy restaurants, and scenes around the city. She even has the rare ability to make meal prep look appealing.

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