Health Yoga Life Is Expanding to Kendall Square

The studio's second location will emphasize meditation classes.


Health Yoga Life’s Beacon Hill studio/Photo by Mae Hogan Photography

Now almost five years old, Beacon Hill’s Health Yoga Life is adding a second location in Kendall Square. It’ll hopefully open by the end of the year.

“We’re pushing to open by end of the year so we can be functioning for the new year,” says Vyda Bielkus, one of the four sisters who founded the studio. “New Year’s is an important time to do a restock of, ‘Where do I want my body, mind, and emotional well-being to be in a year?’ Hopefully people will be making their New Year Resolutions with us.”

Bielkus says the community has welcomed and supported Health Yoga Life’s Beacon Hill location, and that so far, the Kendall Square area has also been open to adding a yoga studio.

“The community is really receptive to having a yoga studio added to that part of town. They are probably the most innovative forward-thinkers of our time in that area, and we want to give them tools that are going to help them find an inner balance and a way to release stress,” Bielkus says.

Stress release is high on the priority list for the Kendall Square location, which will offer consistent meditation classes alongside yoga classes—a point of differentiation from studios that offer meditation in a sporadic, workshop format, Bielkus says.

“Meditation is an amazing anchor for people in terms of reducing stress and blood pressure,” Bielkus says. “People are curious about meditating and they read all about it and think they can’t do it because they think, ‘My mind never shuts off.’ We aren’t asking you to turn your thoughts off, we are asking you to be with your thoughts.”

Though the class schedule is still a work in progress, the studio will likely have an introductory class, or an online tutorial, that newcomers can listen to before class. And if curious meditators want a taste before January, meditation classes will start at the Beacon Hill location next month.

Health Yoga Life, 181 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge,