Brigham and Women’s Searches for the Owner of a Long-Lost Ring

The U.S. Army ring was found at the hospital 10 years ago.

For roughly a decade, a lost ring has had a home at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH). But this is no ordinary piece of forgotten jewelry.

Robert Chicarello, director of security at BWH, has held onto the piece—a silver U.S. Army ring set with a pale green stone, and inscribed with the initials R.E.Z.—ever since it was discovered, Stat News reports in its On Call newsletter. Unwilling to get rid of it, Chicarello has kept the ring in his office all that time, hoping to someday return it to its rightful owner.

With Chicarello retiring next week—and in honor of Veterans Day—the search has intensified.

BWH has posted photos and descriptions (originally noting that the ring had been found two years ago, not 10) on its social media pages, and is urging anyone who may know of its owner to come forward. A Facebook post from last week yielded 2,516 shares, as of this writing, and several tips, though the owner has still not been identified.

“We just need one little break,” Chicarello told Stat. 

If you can provide that break, contact BWH security at 617-732-6565.