You Can Hike Mount Monadnock (for Free) on Black Friday

REI and Skedaddle are running a free trip to the mountain.

If you want to risk your life and dignity this Black Friday, by all means, head to your nearest Walmart and fight through the stampede for a deeply discounted television. That’s an option.

Or, if for some reason that doesn’t sound appealing, you could go for a leisurely hike in the serene New Hampshire countryside, taking in some flora and fauna while you’re at it. That’s another option.

If you’ve selected option two, you’re in luck. REI and Skedaddle are making it easier than ever to have an adventure on Black Friday.

REI is running its #OptOutside promotion for the second consecutive year, closing its doors on Black Friday and urging customers and employees to get outside and enjoy nature. This year, Skedaddle—a company that helps urbanites carpool to destinations outside city limits—is shuttling explorers from (closed) REI stores to nearby natural attractions, for free.

Bostonians will meet at the Fenway REI, then board a bus to New Hampshire’s Mount Monadnock. The bus departs at 9 a.m. and will return shortly after 5 p.m., allowing for a full day of hiking. Seats are limited, so act fast if you want in. You can reserve a spot here.

If you ask us, a free trip to the mountains beats a $10 sweater any day. The choice is yours.

Free, 11/25, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Meet at REI, 401 Park Drive, Boston. Reserve your spot at