Local App ‘Lose It’ Offers New Feature: ‘Snap It’

This could be the answer to your winter diet woes.


Even the most devoted calorie counter can get thrown off by the holidays, with bountiful cookie plates and steady streams of passed hors d’oeuvres making it nearly impossible to remember every morsel that passes your lips.

Enter Snap It, a new feature on the Boston-based nutrition-tracking app Lose It. Not sure how much damage you’re doing with that German chocolate cake? All you need to do is take a quick photo and upload it to the app. From there, a machine learning system will guess what you ate and estimate calories and nutrition information on the spot.

“It’s bringing mindfulness to the way people think about their food, and giving them more control by making them smarter and helping them make better choices,” says Snap It CEO Charles Teague. So much for blissful ignorance.

Free; available for Android, iOS, and Web browsers.