Five Indoor Exercises You Can Do at Home

Can't make it to the gym? You can still get a great workout.


Vyda Bielkus demonstrates a plank/Photo by Siga Bielkus

Winter is upon us, which means any outdoor exercise will require some serious bundling up. If you’re wary of braving the cold, however, you can still get sweaty in the comfort of your own home. Just use this indoor workout developed by Vyda Bielkus, co-founder of Health Yoga Life.

Bielkus recommends clearing a six-by-two-foot space. If you have a yoga mat, do these exercises there.

1. Downward Dog with Core Bonus

Tone your arms, core, and legs with this exercise.

Come into downward dog, making an inverted V shape with your body and keeping your weight in your legs. Keeping your hands firmly planted and your fingers evenly spaced, lift your right leg and draw your right knee in toward your nose. Then, push your right leg back up before bringing it to your left elbow. Extend your leg, then bring your right knee to your right elbow. Switch and repeat on the left. Do three reps on each side.

2. Happy Frogs

Work your legs and get your heart pumping.

Start in a yogi squat, with your heels pointing in and your toes pointing out. Heels should be lifted off the ground. Place your fingers on the floor in front of you. Inhale and straighten your legs, keeping your fingers on the ground if possible. As you exhale, return to the squatting position. Aim for 26 reps, or 13 if you’re a beginner.


3. Power Punching

Tone your arms and shoulders while boosting your circulation.

Stand up straight. Bring your arms to your sides and bend them to 90-degree angles, making fists. While you extend your right arm, open your fist and draw your left arm back. Switch and continue this movement vigorously for two to three minutes.


4. Drawbridge

Lie on your back and bend your knees, holding onto your ankles if you can. If you can’t hold your ankles, lay your palms flat on the ground by your sides. Inhale and lift your hips, then exhale while returning to the ground. Aim for 15 reps.

5. Planking

Tone your core.

Bring yourself to a forearm plank. Hold for one minute. Rest a moment, then repeat. If you want a challenge, inhale while bringing your hips up as if in downward dog, then exhale while returning to starting position, repeating 12 times.

Cool down from your mini workout by lying on your back with your eyes closed. Remember to stick to your exercise schedule if you want to feel the results and keep your body strong.