Reebok Is Offering Workouts for the Price of a Handshake

Sign up for your free session through the Handstand app.

Shaking hands

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Boston may be packed with boutique studios, luxury gyms, and personal trainers, but those resources don’t come cheap. If you’re not down to drop $20 on a single class or $100 on a personal training session, your options can feel awfully limited.

Sound familiar? Listen up.

Reebok is partnering with Handstand, an app that connects users with personal trainers, to offer workouts for the price of a handshake (read: free) in 10 cities across America, including Boston. All you have to do is visit Handstand’s website or app, select the Reebok Free Workout option, and choose your trainer. You must book your free session by January 20, but the workout may take place any time before the end of the month.

So, why a handshake? It’s part of Reebok’s new “Hands” campaign, which focuses on the idea that “hands carry the hard work and stories of our entire life journey.” In a joint statement, Reebok and Handstand call a handshake “the ultimate yet simplest show of gratification and accomplishment.”

In this case, it’s also an excellent way to jumpstart your fitness routine, minus the hefty price tag.

To register, visit Handstand’s website or download the app.