First Look: The Makers of Patriots Day Honor Boston’s Medical Community

'Code Black' highlights the achievements of Boston doctors on Marathon Monday.

Boston Marathon

Image via AP Photo/Charles Krupa

For those who lived through the Boston Marathon bombings, Patriots Day feels like a vivid—perhaps too vivid—replay of that day, from the setting to the sounds. Now, about a month after the movie hit theaters, filmmakers are offering a poignant reminder of another element of April 15, 2013.

CBS Films released Friday a never-before-seen “featurette” called “Code Black,” which highlights the incredible medical response in the hours and days after the Boston Marathon bombing. The three-minute video pays tribute to the work done that day by EMS, nurses, surgeons, and nearly every other medical professional in Boston.

“When these bombs started to go off, people didn’t run the other way,” producer and star Mark Wahlberg remembers in the clip. “They ran towards the victims.”

While “Code Black” recalls the amazing aspects of the medical response—that no patient who made it to a hospital died; the incredibly effective patient transport plan employed by ambulances; the heroic efforts of doctors—Boston Medical Center trauma surgeon Tracey Dechert insists the community just did its job.

“We in medicine don’t like to be called heroes, I guess, in general,” she says in the video. “Just because this is what we do.”

Watch “Code Black” below: