How and Why Is Tom Brady Aging So Well?

Stat and the Boston Globe examined the GOAT's incredible longevity.

Photo via AP

Photo via AP

Tom Brady may feel better than ever, but at almost 40 years old, he’s ancient in professional football years. So how, as Sunday night’s AFC Championship game illustrates, is he still playing like the GOAT?

Stat, in collaboration with the Boston Globe, wondered that, too. The two outlets released a joint project titled “Tom Brady: Ageless Wonder” that seeks to determine how TB12 is still running the show at the ripe old age of 39.

The interactive piece examines Brady from head to toe, assessing how his brain, eyes, heart, arms, gut, legs, and genome have held up so well, and how they contribute to his dominance on the field.

Among the potential reasons for his longevity, according to the story: Brady has sustained few, if any, concussions; he’s played long enough, and for one team long enough, to develop cognitive mastery; he relies on resistance and flexibility training; he eats a nutritious diet; and he may even have a genome that predisposes him to success and healthy aging. “We’re just beginning to understand the aging clock, but there are people who have clocks that go slower,” Stanford professor Stuart Kim explains.

If you ask Brady, the right PJs and a tomato-free diet don’t hurt either.


See the full piece here.